Beginner Strings

KHPS offers a beginner strings program in which students with no prior musical experience can learn to play in a small group environment. Weekly group lessons are provided by tutors at the school and students are not required to pay for external tuition for the first year.

The goal of the beginner program is to teach students the fundamentals of playing their chosen instrument and develop the skills required to successfully participate in the more advanced groups later on.

  • Students will attend a weekly 1/2 hour group class before or after school.
  • Each group class has a maximum number of 7 students.
  • There is an initial commitment for terms 1 and 2 with the opportunity to continue into the later terms.
  • Violin/viola/cello students must purchase or hire an instrument to participate.
  • Although it is not a requirement to participate, we do encourage students who wish to continue in terms 3 and 4 to engage an external tutor, as their progress will significantly accelerate.


Students need to commit to regular daily practice. This is very important to get the most out of the experience.

As little as a few minutes a day makes a big difference!


Practice at home with your children as much as possible.

If you are available to attend lessons please come and join us! The more parents we have involved, the better the outcome for the kids!

Learning music teaches children to work towards short-term goals, develop routine and practice self-discipline.  Setting aside regular time for practice develops commitment and patience.

The Strings program has its own resource website at where you can find tutorials and videos to help with home practice as well as more detailed information for parents.

Here are some resources to get you started: