Why we support an internal canteen 

The NSW Healthy School Canteen Strategy (The Strategy) increases the availability of healthy food and drink options in school canteens to make the healthy choice, the easy choice. It is mandatory for all NSW Government schools with a canteen to meet the requirements of the Strategy by adhering to the Food and Drink Criteria.

As of November 2020, just over 90% of all NSW Government schools with a canteen were meeting the Strategy, with KHPS passionately working to ensure we are making the healthy choice an easy choice for students.

We have our dedicated Canteen Manager, Canteen Assistant and team members who energetically provide healthy food options for our children. Our canteen also welcomes and encourages volunteers and are so thankful for the dedication of volunteers and the ongoing commitment of parents through the P&C Canteen sub-committee.

Our canteen at KHPS is open from Monday to Friday and parents have the option to buy their children morning tea and or lunch through our online ordering platform, Flexischools. We also offer snacks and drinks that can be purchased over the counter at recess and lunchtime breaks.

For your convenience, ordering morning tea or lunch for your child is done through the Flexischools store.