Band Program

Band Program

Students in year 3-6 are welcome to join the Band. The Band offers students the opportunity to play either a brass, woodwind or percussion instruments. (Bass Guitar, Bassoon, Clarinet, Euphonium, Flute, French Horn, Keyboard, Oboe, Saxophone, Trombone, Trumpet, Tuba) in a group ensemble. 

About the program


Band rehearsals are where students learn to play in a group setting. Tutors teach students how to play their instrument. All students will be required to have a tutor.

There are 4 different bands:

  • Training Band – New musicians
  • Performance Band – those who have been in training band  the previous year 
  • Senior Concert Band – there is an audition for this
  • Jazz band – on invitation

You can choose to have private lessons or group lessons. 


  • For group lessons, Jeffries Academy of Music (JAM) beginner group tuition is ideal for Training students joining the Training band. Lessons run for 30 minutes and include 3-5 students learning the same instrument.


  • There are 2 conductors – Derek Barg and Maddy Shearer

Instrument Hire (KHPS)

  • The KHPS music committee has band instruments for hire. Please indicate when you register that you would like to hire an instrument from us. 
  • If you have indicated that you require instrument hire from KHPS, you will be contacted by our instrument coodinator soon. You can find out further information here:
  • Unsure or have changed your mind and need to hire an instrument? Please update your details on your membership account and indicate that you would now like to hire an instrument.

Instrument Hire (other)

You might want to check out:

Band bags, music books and folder

  • These will be issued at the first lesson.

What to bring to rehearsals

  • You will need to bring your band bag, with your music in it
  • And please bring a sharp pencil to every rehearsal

Band & Strings Ensemble Code of Conduct

  •  Each year, every band and strings member will be required to sign and return the code of conduct to their conductor. You can access the code of conduct here

Most importantly – we need parent volunteers!

The Band & Strings Ensemble Committee is run by parent volunteers. WIthout their support and dedication – there would be no band!

We request each group has a parent helper. The role of the parent helper includes:

  • Liaise with Teachers, Conductors and committee members
  • Communicate to parents regarding performances, rosters, rehearsals and other general information. To provide assistance to the conductor during rehearsals, send emails about the homework and any specific directions from conductor to the parents.
  • Ensure that a supervisor attends each rehearsal. We request that a parent is present at each rehearsal.

Please email if you are able to be a part of the team. We are requiring 2 parent volunteers to support Training Band.

Still have questions

Please email