KHPS French Bilingual Program

KHPS French Bilingual Program

The French-Speaking Association of the North Shore (FANS) runs the exceptional bilingual program here at Killarney Heights Public School.

FANS also joins us in supporting many international families, particularly Francophone families, as they are welcomed to the school and wider community.

FANS and the P&C work closely together to build our strong and unique community and hold joint fundraising and community events.

FANS Purpose

FANS is a dynamic not-for-profit organisation that was created in 1998 with a clear purpose:   

  • Educate the children of francophone families in French,
  • Maintain a family‚Äôs native culture and language while living in Australia, and 
  • Share that language and culture with the community.                    

Today, over 20 years later, FANS has grown and evolved to include: 

  • A modern, quality primary school French-English bilingual program, with two   streams to educate both Francophone and Anglophone students in French,
  • A vibrant association of 800 members, employing 15 teachers of French,
  • French classes for secondary level students,
  • Annual cultural events for the entire community to enjoy.

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